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ExeGi develops live biotherapeutic and probiotic medicines for a wide variety of therapeutic needs. Our team consists of experts in the field with extensive product and clinical development, manufacturing, and commercialization of live biotherapeutics and probiotics.

Therapeutic Focus – Modulating the Human Microbiome for Patient Health

The Human Microbiome

The human body is a complex ecological community consisting of trillions of microorganisms that exist in a beneficial and symbiotic relationship with all of us. In recent years new technology has allowed medical science to better understand and characterize this community, which is commonly referred to as the Human Microbiome.

The human microbiome consists of thousands of different bacteria types, which vary in diversity, and numbers, from person to person. The majority of these bacteria are not only, not harmful they in fact act to support and maintain human health by helping us to digest food, synthesize essential nutrients and prevent invasion by harmful, pathogenic, bacteria. Studies indicate that there are actually more bacteria cells living in and on the average person than there are actual human cells.

Recently the National Institute of Health (NIH) initiated the NIH Human Microbiome Project, a broad scale research effort involving hundreds of scientists and over 80 research centers whos goal is to better characterize and understand the human microbiome and its links to human health.

Live Biotherapeutics and Probiotics

Live biotherapeutics and probiotics are agents, which modulate and augment the microbiome for beneficial or therapeutic affect. Probiotics and live biotherapeutics maintain similar properties, however, live biotherapeutics are used in the management of specific diseases or conditions, while probiotics are intended for general health and wellness. The term “Live Biotherapeutic” has been defined in official FDA guidance documents and is intended to describe probiotics as FDA approved biologic drug products for the prevention, treatment or cure of a disease.

Exegi Pharma has live biotherapeutic and probiotic developmental and commercial assets.


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