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ExeGi Pharma Recognizes World AIDS Day standard

ROCKVILLE, MD., Dec. 1, 2016– December 1st marks the observation of the 28th World AIDS Day, a day dedicated to the fight against HIV, those who have lost their lives to AIDS, and those currently living with HIV. ExeGi Pharma recognizes World AIDS Day and reaffirms its commitment to the research of Visbiome, a high potency multi-strain probiotic, in restoring the microbiome of people living with HIV. Visbiome is a medical food which is currently the subject of two ongoing, publically sponsored, clinical trials, in the United States and Canada, evaluating the safety, tolerability, and effect of Visbiome on the gut microbiome and immune activation markers in people living with HIV who are currently on suppressive antiretroviral therapy (ART). World ...

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